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Block 3 Textbooks 2020-2021: Home



Ferrier, D. Biochemistry, 7th ed. Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry, 2018.  Online at LWW Health.       

NOTE: We have included readings from Devlin’s “Textbook of Biochemistry” for some sessions. If you use another text, it is up to you to find the relevant readings. An online text includes:  Rodwell, V, et al. Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry. 31st edition.  Online at AccessMedicine.

Stryer, L. Stryer’s Biochemistry, 9th ed. W. H. Freeman, 2019.  Allen Reserve. QU 4 S928b7 2012 (7th ed.) 9th ed. On Order.  5th ed. online From: NCBI Bookshelf


Devlin, T. Textbook of Biochemistry with Clinical Correlations, 7th ed. 2011. Allen Reserve: QU 4 T355t7 2011

NOTE: Other comprehensive biochemistry texts are acceptable, (Stryer, Voet and Voet, Lehninger)



Boron, WF. Medical Physiology, 3rd ed. 2017. Recommended by Blocks 2&3.  Online at ClinicalKey



Barrett, K. Lange Gastrointestinal Physiology, 2nd ed. 2014.  Online at AccessMedicine.


Johnson, L. Gastrointestinal Physiology, 9th ed. 2019.  Online at ClinicalKey.



Smith et al., Wardlaw's Contemporary Nutrition, 11th ed, 2019.  On Order.  NOTE: OK to purchase used copy of this or earlier edition on Amazon ($4.00 and up.)



Parham, P. The Immune System. 4th ed. 2015. Allen Reserve: QW 504 P299i4 2015


Murphy, K, et al. Janeway’s Immunobiology. 9th ed. 2017. Allen Reserve: QW 504 J33i9 2017   5th ed. online From: NCBI

Geha, Raif, and Fred Rosen. Case Studies in Immunology: A Clinical Companion. 7th ed. 2016.  Allen Reserve: WD 300 G311c7 2016

Abbas, Abul, et al. Cellular and Molecular Immunology. 9th ed. 2018. Online at ClinicalKey.



Golan, D. Principles of Pharmacology: The Pathophysiologic Basis of Drug Therapy, 4th ed. 2017. Online at LWW Health.


Burton, Laurence. Goodman and Gilman’s The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, 13th ed. 2018.  Only a few required readings from this text. Online at AccessMedicine.


Berne, R. Berne & Levy Physiology, 7th ed. 2010. Online at ClinicalKey.

Andreoli, T. Andreoli and Carpenter’s Cecil Essentials of Medicine, 9th ed. 2016. Online at ClinicalKey.

Goldman, L. Goldman-Cecil Medicine, 25th ed. 2016. Allen Reserve: WB 100 C388c25 2016

Larry, J. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 20th ed. 2018.  Online at AccessMedicine.

Alberts, B. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 6th ed. 2015. Allen Reserve: QH 581.2 M718mb6 2015