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The Algorithm as a Human Artifact: Implications for Legal [Re]Search/Susan Nevelow Mart

Imagining a climate of equity through a critical theory of love: Using CPAR to identify guiding principles that humanize library work  /Rachel M. Barnett and Matthew A. Witenstein

 White Supremacy Culture  /Tema Okun

Crafting inclusive policy to model equity  / Andrea Jamison

What Role Should Higher Education Play in Combating Racism?  /Sara Weissman

Hiring Bias: Hidden Biases That Affect the Hiring Process  /Scott Giroux

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack  /Peggy McIntosh

Why Diversity Initiatives Fail  By Pamela Newkirk

Anti-Racism in Higher Education: A Model for Change  Allison N. Ash, PhD Azusa Pacific University Redgina Hill, PhD Azusa Pacific University Stephen N. Risdon, PhD Azusa Pacific University Alexander Jun, PhD Azusa Pacific University

Anti-Blackness and the Way Forward for K-12 Schooling  Francis Pearman

Black Excellence in LIS Syllabus

13 Pioneering Black American Librarian you Oughta Know   

Is it a Microaggression?  by Myron R. Anderson, Ph.D., and Kathryn S. Young, Ph.D.

A Year Later, Institutions Reflect on Systemic Changes Following the Murder of George Floyd   Arrman Kyaw and Jessica Ruf contributed to this article

Creating Inclusive Workplaces for LGBTQ Employees?   By the Together Forward @Work Task Force

Why I'm Tired of  Hearing About 'Wokeism'  Regina Rini