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Thursdays:  10:00AM-12:00PM Latin Perspective Host: Tony Vasquez

Thursdays:  2:00-4:00PM  Gaywaves  Host: John Graves

Fridays: 11:00AM-1:00PM  Not Your Mother's Tongue: World Music  Host: Marissa      

Fridays: 1:00PM- 2:00PM  Tangled Rhythm Host: Amar Vagadia


Green Book ( - The true story of the bond created between an African American pianist and his Italian American chauffeur during a concert tour of the south in 1962.

Minari  ( - A Koren American Family moves to Arkansas to discover their American dream.

The Hate U Give ( - A Teenager witnesses the shooting of her friend by a police officer.

American Factory (Netflix) - A culture clash occurs when a Chinese company reopens a factory in Ohio. 

Asian Americans (PBS.ORG) -A five-part series on the History of Asians in America. 

The Green Book: Guide to Freedom ( - The story about the part travel guide and survival guide for African Americans during segregation. 

13th (Netflix) - A look at the criminalization of African Americans and the increasing number of prisons.

Changing the Game (Hulu) - The lives of three transgender student-athletes.

Stonewall Uprising (PBS.ORG) -  The story around the police raid and its influence on the gay rights movements.

Native America (PBS.ORG) -  A four-part series about America's first people.

Crip Camp (Netflix) - Focuses on the movement for civil rights for the disabled. 

Let it Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992 (Netflix) - The tension between LA police and the black community before the LA  riots.

Hello Privilege, It's Me Chelsea (Netflix) The comedian talks about white privilege and how she's benefited from it. 

White people (  -  A discussion about race from the viewpoint of young white Americans.

Hale ( - The story of Hale Zakus, a pioneer in the fight for the rights of the disabled.

Lorena, The light-footed woman (Netflix) - An inspiring story about a Mexican ultra-marathon runner.

I'm leaving Now  (Netflix) - A Mexican immigrant struggles between staying in the U.S. to earn money for his family or going back home.

Shades of Freedom: A Pre and Post Juneteenth Conversation Robert L. Solomon, vice president of the Office for Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity, and Heather E. Burton, senior director for faculty and institutional diversity, present this informative Case Western Reserve University dialogue.(June 24, 2021)