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Block 6 Textbooks: Home

List of textbooks required for Block 6 of the Foundations of Medicine and Health course.



1) Musculoskeletal medicine, 1st ed. 2003. 


1) Orthopaedic basic science: foundations of clinical practice, 4th ed., 2013. 




1) Textbook:  Essential Clinical Anatomy, 6th ed. 2019. 

2) Atlas:  Atlas of Anatomy,  3rd ed. 2016

(See Block 7 Overview for more details)



1) Pathologic Basis of Disease. 9th ed. 2014.‚Äč 

Available Online From: Clinical Key

2) Junqueira’s Basic Histology: Text and Atlas. 15th ed. 2018.

3) Learn Virtual Microscope system.  Login into virtual microscopy using this website:  User: Class2021    Password: 2021



1) Neuroscience, 6th ed. 2018.  

2) Neuroanatomy in Clinical Context: an atlas of structures, sections and systems, 9th ed. 2014.  

 Available online through: LWW

3) Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases 2nd ed. 2010.


1) Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 20th ed. 2018.

Available online through AccessMedicine.


1) Clinical Neurology, 10th ed. 2018.   

Available online through: AccessMedicine

2) Adams & Victor’s Principles of Neurology 11th ed.  2019.

Available online through: AccessMedicine

3) Principles of Neural Science, 5th ed. 2013. 




The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of psychiatry. 7h ed. 2019. 

Available online through: Psychiatry Online 


1) The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Psychopharmacology, 5th Ed. 2017.  

Available online through: PsychiatryOnline

2) Essentials of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 3rd ed. 2013. 

3) Manual of clinical psychopharmacology, 9th ed. 2019.  

Available online through: PsychiatryOnline  

4) Kaplan & Sadock's synopsis of psychiatry: behavioral sciences/clinical psychiatry, 11th ed. 2014.

5) Kaplan & Sadock's comprehensive textbook of psychiatry, 10th ed. 2017.

6) Dulcan’s Textbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 2nd ed. 2016.   

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Chapter 10. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder